Your Journey. Your Terms.

More Time to Think about your purchase, more Time to Pay once you book and more Time to Cancel when plans change.

Seen a great airfare, but need more time to confirm your plans?

No worries. Simply lock the current price of a flight on one of our partner website. If prices go up, we’ll pay for the difference. If prices go down, we’ll let you know so that you can save money.
  • You’re covered if prices go up

    If the airfare on your flight has increased by the time you return to book, we’ll pay for the difference.

  • Get an alert of prices go down

    Often, a better deal will present itself in coming days. We will alert you when we find one.

  • Available on 95% of flights worldwide

    No matter where you’re flying to, we’ll provide you peace of mind while you finalize your plans.

  • Stay flexible without airline fees

    Plans can change, that’s why you won’t pay any airline change or cancelation fees during your protected window of time.

Ready to book a great flight or hotel, but your wallet doesn’t agree?

We’re here to help! On most flights and hotels, we will provide you with a flexible payment plan that gives you up to the day of departure to pay for your purchase. No interest rates, No fees, No credit checks!
  • You'll always get approved

    If you are offered our payment plan, you’re pre-approved. No need to go through a difficult approval process!

  • 0% APR

    We won’t charge you any interest rate on your payment plan. Your total payment will never be more than today’s airfare.

  • Safe and secure

    We will always keep your information safe and we never share your personal or payment details with third parties.

  • No hidden fees

    We will not charge you fees or other hidden costs. You will never pay more than today’s value of your flight or hotel room.

Prefer a refundable airline ticket, but don’t want to pay the premium price?

With our “Time to Cancel” product, you can make your non-refundable airline ticket refundable for a set period of 7, 14 or 30 days! Just book your flight on any of our partner websites and select the “Time to Cancel” option in the booking process.
  • Cheaper than a refundable fare

    Buying the option to cancel your booking without change fees is much cheaper than buying a refundable fare.

  • Set your own flexibility

    You get to choose how long you want your fare to be refundable. 7, 14 or 30 days.

  • Quick and Easy

    If you do have to cancel your flight, we’ll just refund the full fare onto your original method of payment within 3 to 5 days.

Did you know that fares often go down after you’ve booked your flight?

By automatically optimizing when we book your airline ticket with the airline or travel agent, we can often save you money. Just make a booking as you usually would and we’ll send you your tickets a few days later at a better price!
  • Book as you usually would

    The way you book your flight remains the same. Provide your email address, passenger details and card number. That’s it.

  • Guaranteed savings

    Our sophisticated prediction engines allow us to guarantee you a price that's better than what you'd pay today.

  • Completely free

    Just wait a few days for the price to decrease and receive your ticket at the lower price. There's no fee or hidden charges.