FLYR and Azul Partner on Revenue Optimization Initiatives

$150M in Series C Funding

Taking FLYR to new heights



This is FLYR

We’re bringing advanced and intuitive technologies to help transportation leaders unlock their ultimate potential.

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Our Time is Now

We’re excited to announce a major milestone for FLYR Labs: $150 million in Series C funding. This new capital serves as an accelerant to equip our customers with much-needed technology to address their needs.

FLYR’s Advanced Technologies Take Companies to New Heights

Our ability to generate context from customer data enables us to accurately forecast and drive business decisions across all commercial functions.

User & Flight Analytics

Advocating for Our Customers to Provide Best-in-Class Services

Our User and Flight Analytics team works directly with customers to understand and enhance their day-to-day product experience.


Putting Our Performance and System Capabilities to the Test

Our team is constantly monitoring the performance of FLYR’s Revenue Operating System to ensure our customers get the very best from our solution.


Helping Customers Become Power Users of Our Platform

Our customers are leveraging the most advanced, AI-powered technology through our easy-to-navigate user interface and support tools.


Creating a World-Class Customer Experience

We’re here to provide the best possible customer experience from the moment we first introduce the service, to training and implementation, and daily use of the tool.

AI Delivery

Accelerating the Implementation and Onboarding Experience

With our team of airline and industry experts, we’re changing the game for how quickly customers can unlock real business value with FLYR.

Investment Partners

Welcome Aboard

Our Series C fundraising is led by WestCap, a growth equity firm founded by Laurence Tosi, and supported by participating industry-experienced investors.

Laurence Tosi

Founder, WestCap

“FLYR Labs has achieved exceptional growth and provides a much-needed solution that is already streamlining the way airlines conduct fare pricing, flight logistics, and route offerings."

Amy Burr

President, JetBlue Technology Ventures

“We’ve recognized FLYR Labs’ potential since our initial strategic investment in 2016. Their team’s vision to modernize airline revenue management is one of the most advanced in its sector."

Ullas Naik

Founder and General Partner, Streamlined Ventures

"I am very optimistic about the prospects for FLYR's technology ... I have been a huge fan of the founder Alex Mans and his vision to bring AI-enabled decision-making to the airline industry since we led his seed round.”


Putting New Capital to Work

Travel and transportation need us more now than ever. New investment enables us to rapidly scale and address the unmet needs of our growing customer base.

Product Enhancements
Developing best-in-class software for leaders across commercial functions.

Scaling Delivery
Simplifying implementation while accelerating time to value.

Global Customer Teams
Providing world-class interactions along all points of the customer journey.

Strategic Acquisitions
Leveraging market innovators to build comprehensive AI-powered solutions.

Industry Expansion
Bringing The Revenue Operating System® to more transportation partners.

Future Innovations
Always developing top performing, intuitive technologies for our customers.

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