Cyprus Airways Chooses FLYR to Deploy AI-Based Revenue Management Solution

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Revenue Management

Total Revenue Optimization, One User Interface

Airlines operate in one of the most complex and dynamic environments.

In the current climate, border closures, entry restrictions, and last-minute passenger cancellations all take a toll on pricing strategies, with carriers unable to rely upon traditional methods to forecast buying patterns. Passengers are often leaving it to the final days before travel to make purchasing decisions. This disruption is creating a volatile market where airlines must look for every opportunity to maximize revenue while keeping costs low.

Adapting in a Dynamic Environment

Even before the pandemic, adaptability was key for airline strategy, acting as the core driver of how FLYR’s Cirrus solution was designed. Our aim has always been to help transportation leaders unlock total revenue optimization through ultra-accurate forecasts and a responsive, real-time pricing capability.

Under these dynamic conditions, understanding how different decisions may impact an outcome is crucial to meeting any business objective. To support our customers in achieving this, FLYR utilizes a class of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms that are similar to those found in navigational and self-driving systems. Instead of trying to forecast future events based on recent history alone – which is dependent on year-on-year consistency – FLYR is hyper-focused on context.

Total Revenue Optimization by Cirrus

FLYR is the first Revenue Management provider to dynamically optimize total passenger revenue.

Our Cirrus Revenue Operating System enables airlines to maximize passenger revenues leveraging flight, ancillary, and fare family values – even in a dynamic environment. It does this by applying deep learning to manage revenue-optimal pricing decisions, and providing an easy-to-use user interface with RM performance analytics and user inputs all in one place.

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Offering a fast and risk-free implementation, FLYR’s cloud-based platform is compatible with airlines’ existing commercial systems and requires no upfront investment to prove its benefits.

Read more about how Total Revenue Management can be achieved through Cirrus or contact us here.

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