Cyprus Airways Chooses FLYR to Deploy AI-Based Revenue Management Solution

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Putting Data-Driven Insights at the Core of Your Business Strategy

In this video from Skift Global Forum East 2022, we hear from Pace Revenue's Jens Munch on the need for travel companies to take a more sophisticated approach to managing data that can help them make better, faster, and more profitable decisions.

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Driving Airline Innovation With Artificial Intelligence

In this video from Skift Aviation Forum 2022, Alex Mans discusses how airline innovation is advancing using AI and deep learning to overhaul legacy practices, aiming to optimize customer engagement and maximize business performance.

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Become Part of the FLYR Difference

FLYR embraces intellectual curiosity, collaboration, and ownership, making it a rewarding place to work, with the ability to truly make a difference in the industry.

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A Rare Opportunity to Disrupt an Industry

At FLYR, we are combining industry knowledge with technological expertise to build a product that will revolutionize revenue management.

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Building a Workflow to Solve Business Needs

The Revenue Operating System® from FLYR provides analysts with the information required to help overcome daily challenges.

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Using Advanced AI to Boost Ancillary Revenue

The Revenue Operating System®️ allows airlines to provide the right ancillary offers at the right price and the right time, while optimizing ancillary and total revenue.

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Optimizing Revenue Across All Airline Commercial Functions

The Revenue Operating System® can be applied to airlines of all sizes, from low-cost and point-to-point carriers to large network airlines.