FLYR Labs Acquires Newshore to Add Direct Distribution and Retailing Capabilities

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How Artificial Intelligence is Optimizing Airline Ancillary Revenue

Deep learning and artificial intelligence is helping airlines connect the dots to achieve total revenue optimization. Ancillary strategies are increasingly important to this goal.

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Using Advanced AI to Boost Ancillary Revenue

The Revenue Operating System®️ allows airlines to provide the right ancillary offers at the right price and the right time, while optimizing ancillary and total revenue.

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Using AI to Predict Optimal Air Cargo Levels

Managing the availability and assessing the revenue advantages of opening cargo capacity is an important consideration for airlines looking to maximize profit and growth.

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How Technology Can Help Airlines Maximize Cargo Utilization

Airlines are struggling to predict future cargo demand and pricing using traditional RM methods and historical data. FLYR’s AI-driven solution provides the context behind data, helping airlines optimize their product offerings.

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Real-World AI that Drives Revenue and Commercial Decisions

Following a difficult reconning with its technology limitations, the aviation industry must now truly invest in innovation – in particular AI – to unlock its highest potential and overcome unexpected turbulence.

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Executive Q&A: Navigating the Future of Revenue Management for Airlines and Beyond

Maximizing sales amid today’s ever-changing market landscape requires an elevated standard for technology that can deliver compelling personalized offers to consumers when they need them.

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Why Context is Critical for (Ultra) Low-Cost Carriers to Remain Competitive

Airlines need to sell the right product to the right customer at the right time and price. And for low-cost carriers, the need is even greater.