FLYR Awarded Innovation of the Year at CAPA World Aviation Awards for Excellence

FLYR Updates

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Performance and Compensation Programs to Match Our Top-Tier Crew

As FLYR continues to grow, our People Team wants to ensure we retain and reward our people.

Betsy Campbell Barth VP of People Workplace Talent at FLYR Labs

Betsy Campbell Barth

VP of People, Talent & Workplace at FLYR

Tag: People + Operations

FLYR Updates

The Future of Work

At FLYR, our culture welcomes everyone. As we continue growing, we are offering innovative workspaces where crew members from across the globe can come together, innovate, and collaborate.


Building a Diverse, Global Team

As FLYR continues to grow, we are focused on building a strong, people-first foundation based on care, culture, curiosity, and competency. We’re offering hybrid work environments and flexible schedules in all our global locations. Come work with us!

FLYR Updates
FLYR Los Angeles Office

FLYR Labs Has Been Certified as a Great Place to Work® by Our Crew

FLYR received a 95 percent positive rating from our crew in the Great Place to Work survey. As we focus on talent and workplace experience, we’re slated to double in size globally in the next year while continuing to revolutionize revenue management for the airline industry.

FLYR Updates

FLYR’s Focus on People

Building a team that emphasizes care and curiosity is paramount to making a dynamic, always-improving culture. As the new Vice President of People, Talent & Workplace of FLYR, I look forward to helping our crew thrive and grow.