FLYR Awarded Innovation of the Year at CAPA World Aviation Awards for Excellence

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Off-Policy Evaluation: Valuing New Pricing Models Using Reinforcement Learning

FLYR’s engineering team estimates new pricing strategy outcomes before production to ensure the most successful models are deployed.

Cameron Young

Cameron Young

Data Scientist at FLYR

Tag: Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence

The Changing Frontier of Artificial Intelligence

FLYR leverages AI to help airlines understand the context behind data and realize the immediate results of pricing decisions, revolutionizing the relationship between airlines, their customers, and their vendors.


How Airlines Forecast Demand with FLYR and Google Cloud

Ksenia Khlyustina spoke with Architecting with Google Cloud host Mikhail Chrestkha about how FLYR is using machine learning to forecast demand, set prices, and optimize revenue with the help of Google Cloud Services.

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Passenger in airport looking out at plane

Changing the Travel Industry with AI

Kartik Yellepeddi is on a mission to help FLYR Labs revolutionize revenue management for the airline industry.

Artificial Intelligence

Applying AI and Machine Learning to Help Airlines Reach New Heights

A true testament to the power of our solutions—which also underscores the power of Google Cloud—is that when we enter a deal with airlines, and we only charge if we achieve results above what they see today.