FLYR Awarded Innovation of the Year at CAPA World Aviation Awards for Excellence

FLYR Updates

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FLYR Crew Meets in Amsterdam to Prepare for Upcoming Rapid Growth

FLYR crew members from around the globe met in Amsterdam for their first ever in-person workshop and team building event.

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Transforming Revenue Management
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FLYR Updates

Driving a Customer-First Growth Strategy

FLYR’s new Head of Corporate Development identifies business opportunities within the airline industry and in other transportation sectors.

Revenue Management
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Retooling Revenue Management for the Entire Organization

Investing in a revenue management system that uses artificial intelligence can help airlines maximize revenue opportunities and support business growth.


Creating a World-Class Customer Experience

We’re here to provide the best possible customer experience from the moment we first introduce the service, to training and implementation, and daily use of the tool.

FLYR Updates

Igniting Our Growth

We’ve always maintained a rapid pace at FLYR. It’s part of our DNA. When we endeavored to tackle the challenges that airlines face with revenue management, we sought to leap-frog legacy technology and dramatically improve commercial performance.

Press Release
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FLYR Labs Accelerates Growth

FLYR Labs announced today that senior executives from Southwest Airlines, GE, and IBM have joined the fast-growing provider of commercial intelligence tools for airlines and the transportation industry.