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FLYR’s Uncompromising Approach to the Highest Data Security Standards

FLYR was built with a data-first, cloud-based mentality, which means putting data security front and center. We take our airline customers’ security and data privacy seriously and are compliant with the most stringent SOC 2 cloud-based storage regulations.

Steve Luk

Steve Luk

Sr. Director, Data Platform at FLYR

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FLYR Updates
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A Tech Partnership to Enhance Data Capabilities

Providing airlines with even more ultra-relevant, context-rich data sources to inform commercial decision-making and optimize revenue performance.

Press Release
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FLYR Labs and 3Victors Form Technology Partnership

The collaboration builds on FLYR’s commitment to providing intelligence that creates reliable and actionable demand and revenue forecasts for carriers while enabling automated optimal pricing decisions.

Artificial Intelligence

Applying AI and Machine Learning to Help Airlines Reach New Heights

A true testament to the power of our solutions—which also underscores the power of Google Cloud—is that when we enter a deal with airlines, and we only charge if we achieve results above what they see today.

FLYR Updates
We Love Data and Protect It Dearly feat image

We Love Data … and We Protect It Dearly

Our airline customers entrust FLYR with their confidential data, and ensuring the availability and security of the data in our warehouse and services is core to our commitment.

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Forecasting at the Speed of Change feat image

Forecasting at the Speed of Change

In today’s volatile operating environment, commercial teams find themselves having to ignore legacy forecasting systems and get creative with the limited tools and data at their disposal.

Artificial Intelligence

Your AI is Only as Smart as Your Data

Business leaders are starting to realize how Artificial Intelligence can help drive and automate their business decisions.