FLYR and Azul Partner on Revenue Optimization Initiatives

Artificial Intelligence

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The Impact of AI on the Airline Industry

While the aviation industry as a whole has been cautious to make the switch from legacy tools and techniques, digital-first airlines have unlocked incredible value across commercial functions by leveraging the latest in AI.

Benjamin Tumbleson

Benjamin Tumbleson

AI Customer Delivery Manager at FLYR

Tag: Analyst Productivity

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How Artificial Intelligence Is Influencing the Future of Work in the Airline Industry

For airlines to weather the storm of today’s unprecedented industry disruptions, dynamic pricing powered by deep learning algorithms is essential.

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Maximizing the Total Network: Connecting Your Revenue and Sustainability Efforts

FLYR offers a solution that provides automated, AI-driven revenue management capabilities to maximize airline profitability and total revenue.

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Analysts Leverage Technology to Go Beyond Revenue Management

The Revenue Operating System® from FLYR automates forecasting and pricing decisions using rich, relevant, real-time data, enabling analysts to uncover revenue optimization opportunities across the airline business.