FLYR Awarded Innovation of the Year at CAPA World Aviation Awards for Excellence


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Always On, Always Updating – How Marketing Can Personalize Revenue Management

The Revenue Operating System can help inform the airline digital experience, calculating the lowest compliant fares and automatically updating consumer-facing digital assets to show the right fares to the right audience.

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Transforming Revenue Management

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FLYR Updates
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The Future of Marketing in RM is Here

We’re helping airline marketers advertise compelling – and compliant – prices all year round.

Revenue Management
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Bringing Revenue Management and Airline Marketing Closer Together

By bringing the Revenue Management and Marketing teams together within one data-driven platform, consumers can automatically receive the most relevant price with more targeted content and destinations.

FLYR Updates

Connecting Airline Marketing to RM

xCheck’s enhanced view of inventory will not just enable us to provide easy deployment of visual assets like Maps but to vastly improve the intelligence of those items based on live customer and inventory data.

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JetBlue-Backed Startup FLYR Buys Two Companies to Expand Its Airline Software

Airlines have historically been cautious about adopting new technologies. So it’s striking to hear any talk that carriers are buying new software during the pandemic-related revenue crisis.