Cyprus Airways Chooses FLYR to Deploy AI-Based Revenue Management Solution

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RM Business Processes of the Future

The T2RL PSS2021 3-day conference featured leading experts in airline technology to discuss opportunities and success stories despite today’s challenging travel environment. This virtual roundtable included a live discussion with industry leaders on using hyper-accurate forecasts and performance data to improve strategic decision-making.

Speakers: Kyle Holden, Head of User & Flight Analytics, Amanda Campbell, Head of Product Education; Brian So, RM Analytics Lead; Miriam Ozer; RM Analytics Lead

Date Presented: November 3, 2021

Duration: 41:16

00:00 – Introduction:
“RM Business Processes of the Future” is a virtual roundtable led by Kyle Holden, Amanda Campbell, Brian So, and Miriam Ozer, technology leaders at FLYR Labs. FLYR is the pioneer of Tthe Revenue Operating System® for airlines and transportation leaders.

04:26 – Product Education & Training:
FLYR works closely with customers from implementation to daily operations, making sure RM teams have the tools and training needed to maximize revenue uplift.

05:08 – User & Flight Analytics:
The User & Flight Analytics team helps ensure customers see the full value in the software, working directly with the end-users.

05:52 – Intro to Cirrus:
Cirrus is thoughtfully designed to enable RM efficiency, focusing on AI-powered tools, high-impact workflows and business processes, and overall optimization for the organization.

12:15 – Design Principles:
Making the best commercial decisions should be easy, trusted, and consistent across teams. FLYR’s Cirrus Revenue Operating System was designed to answer the most immediate questions commercial teams deal with every day.

13:05 – The Cirrus Workflow:
FLYR’s Cirrus Platform workflow provides an intuitive focus on areas that require attention, empowers understanding through data, and effectively executes corrective actions with surgical precision.

15:26 – Rethinking RM Processes:
Traditional business processes leave much to be desired. Cirrus reduces the need for human inputs that are required in legacy systems.

35:44 – Unleashing High-Impact Workflows:
Hyper-accurate forecasts, along with single-source of truth performance data, improve strategic decision-making across all commercial functions.

41:43 – Closing Statements:
For more information about the Cirrus Revenue Operating System, including details about our risk-free implementation process, email us at

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