Cyprus Airways Chooses FLYR to Deploy AI-Based Revenue Management Solution

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Revenue Management

Reliable Load Factor Insights for Cargo Capacity Planning

At FLYR, we believe that revenue management is more than just optimizing the price of each airplane seat. The Revenue Operating System® from FLYR gives airlines access to actionable, data-rich insights to help analysts and business leaders make broader commercial decisions, including how much cargo each aircraft should carry to optimize profitability.

Within FLYR’s easy-to-navigate user interface, revenue management teams have access to accurate load factors months in advance to help cargo operations teams fulfill capacity goals earlier than ever before, confidently make any passenger count restrictions, and optimally manage total flight revenue.

The Science Behind The Revenue Operating System®

In order to achieve FLYR’s advanced level of reporting intelligence, we use deep learning, a cutting-edge form of artificial intelligence (AI) that draws understanding straight from the provided data, forming predictive models for ultra-accurate forecasts and pricing recommendations.

Our science-forward, always-on platform is constantly updating, providing the latest data insights to influence and predict opportunities to maximize revenue performance. Additionally, our team of elite data scientists is continually innovating to ensure the most accurate forecasting is generated from The Revenue Operating System.

Capacity Confidence

With accurate demand forecasts and the confidence to sell cargo capacity sooner, airlines can optimize revenue without the added hassle of last-minute adjustments to passenger seat prices.

Learn more in this article (page 16) from Air Cargo Management or get in touch with the team to find out how FLYR can help you make smarter cargo capacity decisions.

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