FLYR Awarded Innovation of the Year at CAPA World Aviation Awards for Excellence

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Performance and Compensation Programs to Match Our Top-Tier Crew

As FLYR continues to grow – from 80 people in 2021 to almost 500 at the end of 2022 – so do the challenges of managing our global crew, their performance, and their internal mobility. For our People, Talent, and Workplace Team, putting in place a clear, scalable performance review and career development framework is more important than ever.

In 2023, we’ll be focusing on Consistency, Transparency, and Rewards to ensure that all crew members have the opportunity to grow at our company.

Consistency – “one bar for all” – means focusing on equality and fairness across the board. This top focus ensures that regardless of different teams and different geographic locations around the world, both in office and remote, role levels will have the same measure of success.

Transparency – “clear expectations and feedback” – ensures that there are no surprises for our crew members or managers when it comes to evaluation criteria. Feedback, both positive and critical, must be given and received for us to continue to grow.

Rewards – “recognizing contributions toward goals and objectives” – should be tied to performance and based on contributions and impact to the company and our customers – not based on subjectivity or bias. Starting in 2023, we will align our rewards and compensation with pre-stated goals and objectives to drive a performance-based culture.

This performance review and compensation program will help FLYR scale efficiently and effectively as we continue to grow. One of our company objectives is to attract and retain strong talent, with a goal of 90 percent retention over a 12-month rolling period. After all, retaining exceptional talent means being able to provide the best product and service for our customers and partners.

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FLYR Updates

FLYR Awarded Innovation of the Year at CAPA World Aviation Awards for Excellence

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