Cyprus Airways Chooses FLYR to Deploy AI-Based Revenue Management Solution

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Optimizing Revenue Across All Airline Commercial Functions

At FLYR Labs, we have built an extremely modular platform. We can work with any airline, regardless of size or type, ranging from low-cost carriers with point-to-point networks and dependency on ancillary revenue, all the way to large network carriers that have high amounts of connecting traffic.

Unlike other vendors in our space, we are a partner first and a vendor second. We make this extremely real for our airline partners by not charging a dime until we are driving incremental revenue uplift above whatever is today’s baseline of performance. We even go as far as sponsoring or subsidizing their resources and their costs to support a deployment of The Revenue Operating System®.

While we originally set out to build a better revenue management or pricing platform for airlines, we quickly saw adoption of our forecasts across other commercial teams at the airline. With better load forecasts and better revenue forecasts, you can enable better scheduling and capacity planning. Airline teams can also figure out where to deploy their marketing budget, and leaders can access dashboards to help them better understand where the quarter is going to go. We are The Revenue Operating System across all commercial functions at the airline, not just for revenue management and pricing.

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