JetBlue Sharpens Competitive Edge with FLYR Artificial Intelligence Partnership


Leapfrogging the Competition with AI Technology

FLYR’s keynote presentation at the T2RL PSS2021 virtual conference highlights the benefits of using deep learning to unlock hidden understanding across vast amounts of data, producing ultra-accurate forecasts and pricing recommendations that help transportation leaders gain revenue uplift and make more informed business decisions across all commercial functions.

Speaker: Alex Mans, Founder & CEO of FLYR Labs

Date Presented: November 3, 2021

Duration: 18:24

00:00 – Introduction:
“Leapfrogging the Competition with AI Technology that Produces Real-World Results,” is a virtual keynote presentation by Alex Mans, Founder & CEO of FLYR Labs. FLYR is the pioneer of The Revenue Operating System® for airlines and transportation leaders.

00:30 – Responding to Today’s Challenges:
Traditional methodologies and technologies are unable to support today’s travel challenges. FLYR is helping airlines overcome these challenges using advanced and intuitive technologies that enable transportation leaders to make informative decisions across all business functions.

01:05 – About Cirrus:
FLYR’s Cirrus Revenue Operating System helps automate pricing decisions in real-time for ultra-accurate revenue and demand/load forecasts within a single, cloud-based user interface.

02:18 – Context is Key:
FLYR can characterize how different routes, departure times, competitor presence, and other factors are related. This context helps to inform flight-specific forecasts and pricing strategies regardless of current or previous event conditions.

03:00 – Deep Learning:
Deep Learning is an advanced class of artificial intelligence that can capture complex behavior in a highly dynamic environment. At FLYR, we use deep learning to accurately forecast the revenue optimal pricing strategy, revenue forecast, load or booking forecast, and many other components such as overbooking, no-shows, ancillary price, cargo capacity, and more.

04:27 – Proven, At-Scale Results:
Users of Cirrus are seeing impressive results with significant performance improvements in revenue uplift and load uplift. Additionally, reductions in human influence and forecasting error help to drive better business decisions and business insights across all commercial functions.

11:08 – The Cirrus Workflow:
Our Cirrus workflow provides an intuitive focus on areas that require attention, empowers understanding through data, and effectively executes corrective actions with surgical precision.

12:22 – 12 Week Rapid Implementation:
FLYR’s data infrastructure and implementation tools are purpose-built, assembled by best-in-class teams of engineers, data scientists, and domain experts. Our fast and efficient implementation process follows a strategic step-by-step adoption journey to establish confidence in the solution and expand usage over time.

14:41 – Simple, No-Risk Commercial Model:
FLYR provides a free 12-week implementation, supporting project staff, offering early termination rights, and pricing based on results.

15:42 – FLYR’s Value-focused Roadmap:
More than a revenue management provider, FLYR’s Revenue Operating System is built to support all commercial functions for unified, revenue-optimizing decision-making across the organization.

16:28 – Investment for Industry Acceleration:
FLYR has raised nearly $200M to accelerate the travel industry’s future with AI technologies and expert support teams to achieve our travel leaders’ ultimate potential.

16:55 – Next Steps:
Contact us today to schedule a personalized software demonstration, review our science and methodologies, and understand what will be required to implement FLYR into your business today.

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