JetBlue Sharpens Competitive Edge with FLYR Artificial Intelligence Partnership

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We’ve always maintained a rapid pace at FLYR. It’s part of our DNA. When we endeavored to tackle the challenges that airlines face with revenue management, we sought to leap-frog legacy technology and dramatically improve commercial performance.

We moved at record speed, during a period of radical market disruption to bring our Cirrus Revenue Operating System to market, delivering our airline partners extraordinary revenue uplift along the way. We proved our ability to generate revenue and booking forecasts that can be relied on, while also generating new and valuable intelligence that extends across commercial teams. With a dozen major airline customers joining our cause, and many more “in the wings,” we’re pushing the thrust levers further forward.

Today, we officially announced the opening of new FLYR offices in Los Angeles, Dallas, and Amsterdam to better serve our growing demand and expanding team.

These locations serve as technology hubs filled with FLYR experts dedicated to solving customer challenges including pricing distribution/availability, air cargo optimization, ancillary revenue considerations, and commercial intelligence for broader commercial functions. Additionally, these hubs help fuel our ability to continue attracting top talent.

I’m grateful to the amazing individuals that have recently joined our crew. Our focus on attracting high-performing individuals with airline and technology pedigrees continues to enrich our already remarkable crew. In the past few months, we’ve brought senior leaders from Southwest Airlines, GE, and IBM to help us scale smartly and ensure we continue to exceed the expectations of our customers. In pivotal product and customer training roles, we’ve also welcomed deep domain experience from American Airlines and PROS to our crew. I look forward to the many crew members that I have yet to meet as we grow to over 200 strong by the end of 2021.

Our growth is a testament to the capability of our Revenue Operating System, powered by a team dedicated to unlocking real, transformative value for our customers.

We’re just getting started.

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