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Always On, Always Updating – How Marketing Can Personalize Revenue Management

As a company that is innovating revenue optimization across all airline business operations, FLYR is focused on more than forecasting and pricing airline fares. Our mission is to enable airlines to offer the right price to the right consumer at the right time. That’s where The Revenue Operating System® comes in to help airline marketing teams boost conversion while advertising fares through digital channels.

But advertising fares isn’t as simple as posting a price on an advertising banner and putting it on a website. Internal motivations like market priorities and supporting yield and external factors such as government and local regulations and competitor movement make it extremely hard to pin down the latest, compliant, most optimal price to advertise. Once it is calculated, that price then changes multiple times per day as RM files update.

FLYR automates these tasks, using proactive algorithms to constantly perform revenue calculations and find the lowest available price including freshly filed fares – without relying on customer searches to cache results. It then automatically updates all of the airline’s marketing assets – like emails, web search criteria, and landing pages – to ensure that customers see an accurate, compliant, optimal offer that is aligned with the actual fares that the airline wants to advertise for purchase.

This always-on, always-updating automation platform allows marketers to advertise compelling prices year-round for all markets, not just during heavily managed sale periods. It also ensures that the airline’s marketing and revenue management (RM) teams are on the same page without any need to manually coordinate their activities.

The Revenue Operating System identifies similarities and demand opportunities across markets, ODs, flight durations, departure schedules, and competitive markets, providing comprehensive, up-to-date pricing insights across the airline commercial team to help optimize the allocation of the marketing budget towards high-yielding returns. By bringing RM and marketing together, customers can automatically receive a frictionless offer consisting of the most relevant price with personalized content.

The key to enabling this is incrementality, measuring fares and purchases that otherwise wouldn’t have occurred without the customer interaction. Beyond selling basic fares and generating new demand for markets that are lagging behind the selling curve, FLYR delivers more margin to the network, improving revenue in new or lagging markets and bringing new bookings through digital channels.

When airline marketers have better insights into data, understand the context behind the transaction, and can operationalize their pricing strategies into their channels automatically, they can drive net-new, margin-rich direct revenue. Insights into forward-looking revenue trends can help drive the strategy by influencing the right moments to move inventory and volume or hold back during times of high demand. Marketing needs to be aware of the business strategy for selling – not just what the customer needs to buy – and The Revenue Operating System brings the brain and the voice of the airline onto the same page.

For more information about how The Revenue Operating System from FLYR brings marketing and RM together, check out this article or contact us today.

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