FLYR and Azul Partner on Revenue Optimization Initiatives

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Faredirect Celebrates 100 Days as FLYR

Two and a half years ago, Faredirect embarked on a mission: to help airlines optimize beyond their ticketing strategy to achieve maximum revenue results. In just 100 days as part of FLYR, we have accelerated our pace and capability, helping even more airlines realize their ancillary revenue and overall revenue management goals.

These have been some of the most challenging times experienced by the travel industry. But out of these challenges, new and innovative solutions have prevailed. Airlines are replacing age-old processes with more advanced and intuitive technologies that allow them to personalize passenger offers while optimizing their commercial revenue streams.

At FLYR, we’re leading the change in overall revenue management, putting science first, and delivering sooner, more actionable insights for our customers.

Leveraging Cirrus
Our combined team continues to build ancillary revenue optimizing software, collaborating with the world’s premiere airlines. We’re continuously improving our solution by leveraging Cirrus-built modules, part of The Revenue Operating System®. By leveraging Cirrus’s flight revenue forecasts, we’re unlocking even more ancillary revenue potential for airlines.

With FLYR’s integrated product, we’re able to offer total revenue optimization. This is not just the sum of the flight and ancillary products, but a consolidated and interactive solution that aligns flight and ancillary strategies for every flight. It is based on the forecast and adapting market circumstances which are critical to all airlines.

A Shared Vision
At FLYR, we all share the vision of delivering the best revenue optimization solutions for airlines. With Faredirect now part of the crew, we’re partnering directly with airlines, reducing the time and friction of setting up traditional vendor/buyer relationships. We’re working with airlines to embrace continuous pricing, building systems that meet the needs of today and tomorrow, and leading with technology while remaining compatible with current airline processes.

We are proud to be part of the FLYR crew, and we look forward to reaching many more milestones together that will benefit our valued customers!

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