Cyprus Airways Chooses FLYR to Deploy AI-Based Revenue Management Solution

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Revenue Management

Delivering Network-Wide Revenue Insights

FLYR’s Revenue Operating System supports a wide range of commercial airline functions, using advanced and intuitive technologies to determine optimal pricing strategies. For airline leadership teams, our cloud-based solution provides real-time revenue performance trends and actionable insights for businesswide revenue opportunities. This permits confident commercial decisions based on ultra-accurate, revenue-maximizing forecasts, including a clearer view of future revenue targets.

FLYR’s Leadership Insights give commercial decision-makers a clear view of key performance metrics, with insights displayed on an easy-to-navigate dashboard within the Cirrus platform. Use this dashboard to gauge day-to-day performance as well as forecast future revenue goals, leveraging real-time, data-driven predictions.

FLYR supports decision-making across several commercial functions, such as:

  • Marketing – helping allocate marketing spend in ways that will generate the greatest passenger demand.
  • Revenue Management – allowing pricing and yield management teams to tackle both sides of revenue optimization, all in one system.
  • Ancillary Revenue Management – maximizing pre- and inflight ancillary sales for total revenue beyond the fare itself.
  • Offer Management – enabling merchandising teams to customize, personalize, and optimize the revenue of ancillary offers.
  • Scheduling & Planning – helping teams deploy fleet capacity more efficiently.
  • Air Cargo – supporting cargo operations with ultra-accurate insights of final load factor months in advance.

Results Matter

After implementing FLYR’s Revenue Operating System, customers are achieving revenue uplift of 5-7%, passenger load factor increases of 4%, and a 10x reduction in forecasting errors. These substantial gains are crucial as airlines continue to navigate an unpredictable travel environment.

Find out more about how Cirrus works or get in touch with the team to implement Cirrus, with no cost until revenue uplift is achieved.

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