FLYR Labs Announces Targeted System Configurations for LCC and Startup Airlines

FLYR Updates

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FLYR’s Focus on People

Building a team that emphasizes care and curiosity is paramount to making a dynamic, always-improving culture. As the new Vice President of People, Talent & Workplace of FLYR, I look forward to helping our crew thrive and grow.

Betsy Campbell Barth

VP of People, Talent & Workplace at FLYR

FLYR Updates

FLYR Updates
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Agility, Confidence, and Transformation

In an environment exemplified by volatility, we are helping transportation leaders plan for a bright future ahead. Here’s to the incredible milestones achieved together in 2021 and all that’s to come in 2022.

FLYR Updates
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Faredirect Celebrates 100 Days as FLYR

Harnessing ultra-accurate forecasting from Cirrus to optimize airlines’ ancillary revenue potential.

FLYR Updates

A Strategic Alliance to Enhance and Optimize Commercial Operations

At FLYR, we seek to be more partner than vendor, collaborating with our airline customers to solve industry challenges with advanced technology.

FLYR Updates

Bonanza Joins FLYR to Bring Real-Time Offer Management to All Carrier Distribution Channels

By joining FLYR Labs, we will expand our products far beyond the scope of what we initially imagined.

FLYR Updates

FLYR Awarded for Its Advanced RM System

FLYR Labs applauded by Frost & Sullivan for maximizing revenue-generating operations and improving forecast accuracy with its Revenue Operating System™.

FLYR Updates

Our Time is Now

We’re excited to announce a major milestone for FLYR Labs: $150 million in Series C funding. This new capital serves as an accelerant to equip our customers with much-needed technology to address their needs.