Cyprus Airways Chooses FLYR to Deploy AI-Based Revenue Management Solution

Revenue Management

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Unlocking Total Revenue Potential with Advanced AI

Using advanced AI, airlines are realizing the potential of total revenue optimization, allowing analysts to forecast revenue generated by each flight, beyond the fare itself.

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Niels Colémont

Head of New Optimization Programs at FLYR
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Revenue Management

Revenue Management
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Using AI and Machine Learning for Ancillary Revenue Maximization

Maximize pre- and inflight ancillary revenue for total revenue optimization beyond the fare itself.

Revenue Management
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Total Revenue Optimization, One User Interface

Enabling airlines to maximize total passenger revenues – even in a dynamic environment.

Revenue Management
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Context is Everything

By mapping and understanding context within our airline customers’ networks, we can accurately forecast future performance and set appropriate pricing strategies, even for markets that have not been flown before, or which have seen dramatic disruption in their environment.

Revenue Management
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Low-Risk Revenue Management (RM) Optimization

Antiquated revenue management software, relying on legacy forecasts, has limited airlines’ ability to make critical commercial decisions. This has resulted in significant gaps in revenue and business growth opportunities.

Revenue Management
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Forecasting at the Speed of Change

In today’s volatile operating environment, commercial teams find themselves having to ignore legacy forecasting systems and get creative with the limited tools and data at their disposal.