FLYR Awarded Innovation of the Year at CAPA World Aviation Awards for Excellence

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Driving Airline Innovation With Artificial Intelligence

In this video from Skift Aviation Forum 2022, Alex Mans discusses how airline innovation is advancing using AI and deep learning to overhaul legacy practices, aiming to optimize customer engagement and maximize business performance.

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The Future of Transportation Revenue Management

In this video conversation from the 2021 Skift Aviation Forum, we hear from Alex Mans on how artificial intelligence and deep learning tech can give travel businesses crucial data insights to help make smarter and more profitable decisions.

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All-Star Investors Katzenberg, Thiel, and Tosi Take Stake in Travel Startup FLYR

It’s rare for young travel startups to draw luminary investors early on. Yet FLYR Labs … revealed it had closed a $150 million equity financing round led by WestCap Group and supported by several high-profile backers.

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WestCap and Peter Thiel-backed FLYR Labs closes $150M Series C

Airlines have a relatively straightforward goal — getting people in seats — but they’ve traditionally relied on inefficient and outdated statistical modeling methods to predict what prices and other conditions will sell tickets. Enter FLYR Labs.

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JetBlue-Backed Startup FLYR Buys Two Companies to Expand Its Airline Software

Airlines have historically been cautious about adopting new technologies. So it’s striking to hear any talk that carriers are buying new software during the pandemic-related revenue crisis.

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Pandemic Prompts Airline Revenue Management Shake-up

As revenue management forecasting evolves, consumers won’t necessarily pay more in airfare overall. Rather, pricing will be more closely aligned with demand conditions, both strong and weak.

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Airlines Tweak Their Pricing Strategies to Adopt New Ways to Boost Revenue

Airlines need to shift from forecasting models that rely primarily on historical data to ones that analyze real-time demand.