Cyprus Airways Chooses FLYR to Deploy AI-Based Revenue Management Solution

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Building a Workflow to Solve Business Needs

At FLYR, a lot of my responsibilities are around UI for our customer-visible product. I believe this role is one of the best positions in the company when you’re working between the technology and customers.

My team and I are dealing with business needs, like, business goals of our customers. Good user interface goes beyond only aesthetics. It is, of course, important, but at FLYR we’re thinking of how to deal with the complex problems of our users and how to help in their daily life.

I am most proud of the flow that we implemented for our customers in the UI. Hearing feedback from users who interact with our application daily, they are really excited and they are surprised that some of the complex problems can be wrapped into a simple workflow that actually gives them value and provides them with the information required for the analysis they are doing every day.

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