Cyprus Airways Chooses FLYR to Deploy AI-Based Revenue Management Solution

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Revenue Management

Bringing Revenue Management and Airline Marketing Closer Together

Low prices drive demand, but strict compliance restrictions and legacy systems often make it difficult to promote the best prices and offers available. FLYR’s always-on platform continuously updates an airline’s digital advertising with its lowest compliant price, allowing marketers to advertise compelling prices all year round for all markets, not just during heavily managed sale periods.

FLYR’s Revenue Operating System can identify similarities and demand opportunities across markets, origins, destinations, flight durations, departure schedules, and competitive pressure. This unique advantage provides valuable insight to help best allocate marketing dollars for high-yielding returns.

By bringing the Revenue Management and Marketing teams together, consumers can automatically receive the most relevant price with more targeted content and destinations.

The FLYR Difference

FLYR’s Revenue Operating System includes four critical components: a single repository and unified data model to integrate all airline data, ultra-accurate revenue and load factor forecasts utilizing advanced deep learning AI technology, continuous class-agnostic pricing algorithms, and end-to-end reporting, analytics, and controls for airline decision-makers. Learn more about FLYR’s Revenue Operating System or get in touch with the crew to find out how you can use FLYR’s marketing solution to advertise compliant pricing in real-time as well as plan and allocate your marketing spend effectively.

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