JetBlue Sharpens Competitive Edge with FLYR Artificial Intelligence Partnership

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FLYR Updates

Bonanza Joins FLYR to Bring Real-Time Offer Management to All Carrier Distribution Channels Joins FLYR Labs to Help Bring Real-Time Offer Management to All Carrier Distribution Channels

When we founded in July 2020, despite the COVID-19 pandemic and its heavy toll on the travel industry, we saw an opportunity to offer innovative solutions to airlines navigating through this changing travel environment. We embarked on a journey to bridge the gap between distribution and Revenue Management (RM), and the team started by providing consultancy services and developing applications in the RM field that helped redefine airlines’ internal decision support tools. We also assisted our customers in the distribution and offer management space, enabling more relevant offers following the IATA New Distribution Capabilities (NDC) principles.

In early 2021, we joined the Aerospace Innovation Hub from TU Delft. This allowed the integration of our data science research and development and opened the door to partnerships with other researchers and travel technology startups. In August, we were approached by FLYR. From our first discussions, we noticed that beyond a common passion, we also shared the same vision for the industry and methodology to better serve our customers.

Synergy with FLYR
Airlines continue to generate massive amounts of data. With new technologies in artificial intelligence and deep learning, analysts can now gain access to invaluable insights and revolutionary capabilities in forecast and pricing. This is perfectly illustrated with FLYR’s Revenue Operating System, which applies the latest AI innovations to maximize revenue, deliver measurable results, and add clarity to revenue decisions.

The RMS ‘If/then’ business logic – the safety net to mitigate the lack of forecast and optimizer accuracy – is outdated. The optimal price point needs to be complemented by bundling ancillaries and third-party offerings.’s offer management system takes into account willingness-to-pay, capacity constraints, and available airline products to create dynamic and tailored offers for each customer. products will synergize with FLYR’s solutions towards total offer optimization with fare families and ancillaries, enabled by FLYR’s recent acquisition of Faredirect. As part of FLYR, we will also collaborate more closely with airlines sales and marketing enabled by xCheck’s tools. Finally, we will embrace FLYR’s vision to expand beyond the airline passenger scope and apply our capabilities to neighboring verticals such as air cargo and other travel industries.

By joining FLYR Labs, we will expand our products far beyond the scope of what we initially imagined. Integration into the Cirrus Revenue Operating System will enable the distribution of real-time offers to all of the carrier distribution channels. We will progress on this journey towards continuous pricing and dynamic offers with full integration of merchandising capabilities and real-time product and pricing inference to deliver travelers truly personalized retail experiences.

We’re ready to make our vision of the industry a reality.

Charles Ruesch
Co-founder of

Dennis Michon
Co-founder of

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