FLYR Labs Acquires Newshore to Add Direct Distribution and Retailing Capabilities

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  • Answering Revenue Questions Across the Airline with The Revenue Operating System®

Answering Revenue Questions Across the Airline with The Revenue Operating System®

We call our platform The Revenue Operating System® because it’s trying to address not one revenue question but a whole myriad of revenue questions that an airline or another industry might have. It’s able to address not only revenue management, but any revenue and commercial decisions, be that where and when flights should be flying, how to revenue manage your cargo, how to drive more revenue through improved marketing decisions.

It’s addressing many different needs and it’s doing so with a common foundation, so having consistency across these departments and allowing the use cases and the end users to be collaborative within a single platform really allows it to be an operating system in the same way that you might be experiencing other software in your personal and professional life.

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