FLYR Awarded Innovation of the Year at CAPA World Aviation Awards for Excellence


A Rare Opportunity to Disrupt an Industry

When I think about FLYR from an engineering perspective, I immediately think of data. Data is at the core of what we do here at FLYR. We take years’ worth of historical data from our customers and data from multiple third-party sources and we look at all of that data together, and based on that we make future predictions, and we do all that at scale in the cloud.

At FLYR we have an interesting combination of people, both experts in the transportation space as well as people that come from high-tech companies. Because of that mix, we have the demand expertise as well as consumer expertise in how to build innovative, easy-to-use products. I think that combination is what makes FLYR what it is today. There are very few companies that really have a chance to disrupt an entire industry, because so many things have to happen for that to occur. The company has to have the right product, the market has to be ready for that product, the environment has to be right, and the company has to be well funded. That’s what makes this such an exciting place to be, especially from an engineering standpoint. FLYR is in the right position to actually change revenue management for airlines and even transportation as a whole. If you’re interested in changing a whole industry and being part of a movement, then FLYR is definitely a company to consider.

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