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Revenue Management

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Analysts Leverage Technology to Go Beyond Revenue Management

The Revenue Operating System® from FLYR automates forecasting and pricing decisions using rich, relevant, real-time data, enabling analysts to uncover revenue optimization opportunities across the airline business.

Rob Haun

VP of AI Delivery at FLYR
Revenue analysis


FLYR Updates
FLYR crew members collaborating

FLYR Crew Meets in Amsterdam to Prepare for Upcoming Rapid Growth

FLYR crew members from around the globe met in Amsterdam for their first ever in-person workshop and team building event.


How Airlines Forecast Demand with FLYR and Google Cloud

Ksenia Khlyustina spoke with Architecting with Google Cloud host Mikhail Chrestkha about how FLYR is using machine learning to forecast demand, set prices, and optimize revenue with the help of Google Cloud Services.

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Delivering Value to FLYR’s Customers

Tiffany Sauquet joined FLYR because she saw a unique opportunity to join a fast-growing company delivering the most advanced revenue management technology on the market.

FLYR Updates

Driving a Customer-First Growth Strategy

FLYR’s new Head of Corporate Development identifies business opportunities within the airline industry and in other transportation sectors.

FLYR Updates

FLYR’s Uncompromising Approach to the Highest Data Security Standards

FLYR was built with a data-first, cloud-based mentality, which means putting data security front and center. We take our airline customers’ security and data privacy seriously and are compliant with the most stringent SOC 2 cloud-based storage regulations.

FLYR Updates

FLYR Partners with Infare, Boosting Airlines’ Competitive Intelligence

Infare, a leading provider of airline pricing data, collaborates with FLYR Labs to optimize pricing automation and shape the industry’s transformation to real-time, contextual decision-making.

FLYR Updates

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Gene Drabkin Joins FLYR as Chief Technology Officer

Drabkin, previously Head of Engineering at Meta, brings his leadership experience to FLYR’s cutting-edge technology and engineering teams.


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