FLYR Accelerates Growth with Key Hires and New Office Openings

FLYR Updates

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Igniting Our Growth

We’ve always maintained a rapid pace at FLYR. It’s part of our DNA. When we endeavored to tackle the challenges that airlines face with revenue management, we sought to leap-frog legacy technology and dramatically improve commercial performance.

Alexander Mans

Founder & CEO of FLYR


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FLYR Labs Accelerates Growth

FLYR Labs announced today that senior executives from Southwest Airlines, GE, and IBM have joined the fast-growing provider of commercial intelligence tools for airlines and the transportation industry.

FLYR Updates
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We Love Data … and We Protect It Dearly

Our airline customers entrust FLYR with their confidential data, and ensuring the availability and security of the data in our warehouse and services is core to our commitment.


Pandemic Prompts Airline Revenue Management Shake-up

As revenue management forecasting evolves, consumers won’t necessarily pay more in airfare overall. Rather, pricing will be more closely aligned with demand conditions, both strong and weak.


Airlines Tweak Their Pricing Strategies to Adopt New Ways to Boost Revenue

Airlines need to shift from forecasting models that rely primarily on historical data to ones that analyze real-time demand.

Revenue Management
Forecasting at the Speed of Change feat image

Forecasting at the Speed of Change

In today’s volatile operating environment, commercial teams find themselves having to ignore legacy forecasting systems and get creative with the limited tools and data at their disposal.

Artificial Intelligence

Your AI is Only as Smart as Your Data

Business leaders are starting to realize how Artificial Intelligence can help drive and automate their business decisions.

FLYR Updates

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Introduction to FLYR Labs

Artificial Intelligence and its ability to leverage more data is changing business models and pushing industry boundaries.


Transforming Revenue Management
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