Cyprus Airways Chooses FLYR to Deploy AI-Based Revenue Management Solution

Cirrus Revenue Operating System

Our purpose-built software platform represents a departure from decades-old methods that have become the brittle foundation of revenue management. Cirrus applies the latest AI innovations to maximize revenue, deliver measurable results, and add clarity to revenue decisions.

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We build deep relationships with our airline partners to infuse new technology that harnesses the deep knowledge of their commercial teams.

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Greg Foran

Greg Foran

CEO Air New Zealand

"FLYR is providing better forecasting, allowing us to actually reduce the price for our customers. You get the win for the customer, you get the win for us. I’m just absolutely thrilled!"

Boon Hwee Koh

Boon Hwee Koh

Former Chairman, Singapore Airlines (2001-2005)

“AI technology will dramatically improve revenue management and commercial outcomes. FLYR is best positioned to enable and lead this adoption of AI at airlines and transportation businesses.”

Laurence Vigeant-Langlois

Laurence Vigeant-Langlois

Managing Director AE Industrial Partners

“The FLYR methodology will benefit airlines for years to come. And, we believe other sectors can benefit from their methodology, using AI and big data, to generate highly accurate forecasts and make better business decisions.”

Carl Sparks

Carl Sparks

Managing Partner Interlock Partners & Board Member Avis Budget Group

“FLYR's Revenue Operating System is forcing executives to rethink legacy revenue management practices. One simply cannot ignore the results they're achieving for travel and transportation businesses.”

Cirrus delivers

Key features

Cirrus can operate in leg, O&D, or hybrid mode to meet all types of airline networks.

True continuous pricing that directly determines the revenue-optimal selling price

Dynamic interface with hundreds of performance metrics and aggregation from a single flight to a complete network

Ultra-accurate forecasts of revenue and bookings for the entire sales period, updated continuously

Full compatibility with revenue controls including Bid Prices, Reference Fares, and AUs

Directing analyst attention to save time and increase confidence, enabling a focus on strategic revenue decisions

100% SaaS with implementation, maintenance, and continuous feature updates included with subscription

How Cirrus works



Cirrus is built on top of a comprehensive data model — managed in a single tenant environment — that ensures rapid integration of all commercial data, no matter the source or format. With the ability to refresh data on a batch or continuous basis, Cirrus can re-optimize O&D networks as large as 3000 daily departures in under 30 minutes to create optimal price recommendations and revenue management controls.

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Looking Ahead


Cirrus continuously identifies similarities across airports, routes, flights, departure times, competitor landscape, and more. Its neural network architecture provides an always-evolving understanding of the market, enabling highly accurate forecasts in data sparse or data noisy conditions such as COVID-19.

Cirrus slashes typical forecast error rate throughout the booking curve, providing trustworthy forecasts months before flight departure.

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Revenue Maximization


Cirrus determines the optimal selling price to maximize total revenue upon flight departure using Deep Learning. It operates on a continuous price point spectrum and defines an optimal price given the network's full context. Maintaining compatibility with existing RM infrastructure and controls, Cirrus can map its price recommendation to the most appropriate filed fare in a given class. Cirrus is equipped for ever-expanding airfare shopping and distribution technology by providing price points at the time of shopping — removing the reliance on filed fares and classes for inventory controls.

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Intelligence & reporting

Cirrus users have 130+ performance metrics at their fingertips, including forecasted revenue and demand statistics, anticipated booking build curves, pricing strategies and booking class equivalence, and competitive insights. The intuitive dashboard as well as streamlined exploration tools help users instantly filter or combine information at any level of detail, resulting in powerful intelligence and reporting capabilities for analysts and the broader commercial team.

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Targeted influence

Cirrus proactively surfaces where analyst attention is needed and allows for quick and precise influences. Influences can be made through absolute, percentage, min/max, and competitor sensitivity adjustments. With new confidence in reporting, quality of forecasts, and RM decision support from Cirrus, analysts can spend more time making strategic decisions and support the broader commercial team.

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