Air New Zealand and FLYR Labs Launch Strategic Alliance


Results matter. That’s why we offer a risk-free, no-cost implementation that doesn’t require financial investment until we have proven the economic benefits of the Cirrus Revenue Operating System™.

Speed to Value

Deploy in 12 weeks

We’ve purpose-built our data infrastructure an implementation tools, assembled a best-in-class team of engineers, data scientists and domain experts, and crafted implementation processes with speed and efficiency in mind.

Customers can expect minimal setup requirements and overall low demands for their already constrained internal teams.


Data Availability

Airline delivery of required data to FLYR

6 weeks

Data Implementation

Ingest, map, transform, and validate data
Technical and methodology training
Setup hosting environment & defect management

2 weeks

System Setup

Initial model training & tuning
Preliminary outputs & performance reviews
Begin user training

2 weeks

Testing & Training

Acceptance testing of RM integration
Complete user training

2 weeks

Performance Validation & Launch

Performance & output review
Customer acceptance



While the Cirrus Revenue Operating System™ generates highly dynamic, continuous pricing output and forecasts, we are considerate of legacy system constraints.

To assure a swift integration of the Cirrus platform and a rapid time to value, we can configure outputs into a format that is understood by existing downstream systems.


Built with and for our customers

We work closely with our customers to evaluate, prioritize, and understand their needs to inform our product roadmap. We’ve formed a dedicated Customer Counsel that provides a forum to capture critical insights and advance the practice of revenue management.

Mike Williams

Group General Manager, Air New Zealand

“This is really a Revenue Operating System. It’s no longer thinking about revenue management the way we have in the past where it’s just about handling what’s in front of us.”

Iain Walker

Head of Domestic Route Performance, Air New Zealand

“Analysts have unlocked more time with FLYR’s user interface. It’s such a responsive tool that allows them to drill into the flights and markets that matter to them the most, as opposed to spending a lot of time in the discovery phase.”

Montie Brewer

Former AirCanada CEO, Board Member Finnair

“Having confidence in an accurate demand forecast is business-critical for transportation executives. FLYR's innovative technology is generating trustworthy forecasts that is rare in this volatile environment.”

Our ways of working

To The Point

We strive to communicate clearly and concisely, where messages get across and meeting times are respected.

Ask Before Assuming

When something is unclear, we engage in a healthy conversation before making assumptions.


Transparency will drive better decisions. We make sure our customers have full context to make good decisions.