Reach New Audiences

With FLYR, you can reach users that need more Time to Book, Time to Pay, or Time to Cancel their travel plans. Integrating FLYR is a breeze and conversion uplift is instant.

How FLYR Works?

FLYR’s solutions operate natively inside your existing booking funnel. Simply implement our SDK or API and start selling in no-time.

  1. 1

    Deploy our SDK or API onto your website or apps and define placement and styling of our “Lock Price” or “Pay Later” buttons.

  2. 2

    Pass itinerary and fare information to our back-end to display the real-time availability and pricing of the solutions in<300ms.

  3. 3

    Upon click and without leaving your website, users view product details and conclude their transaction.

  4. 4

    After payment, FLYR will send co-branded confirmation emails to the user and provide redirect info back to you for booking.

Augment Your Offerings With FLYR

FLYR presents travel partners with an array of options that build upon their existing product offering by providing travelers with more flexibility when planning or booking their travel. Price Lock, Payment Plans and Price Optimization solutions are examples of how FLYR's platform can be leveraged by partners to help improve conversion and engage audiences.


Data Warehousing

FLYR digests millions of travel data points every hour. Our data pipeline is completely integrated with our machine learning platform so that every forecast is based on the most recent and relevant data. Our data infrastructure is built on security, scalability, and speed.

Machine Learning

FLYR uses cutting-edge machine learning techniques that deliver swift and scalable solutions. Our algorithms are developed entirely in-house and are built specifically to answer the travel industry's biggest questions around pricing, availability and demand.

Claim Automation

FLYR bookings and claim processing capabilities are fast and seamless due to in-house developed automation and technology. With FLYR, customers enjoy a rare combination of innovative technology and personalized service.

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