Ticketing Optimization

Optimized Ticketing, Automated Savings

With FLYR’s AI powered ticketing optimization engine, you ensure that flights are ticketed at the optimal time, generating savings for both you and your corporate clients, and extra flexibility for the traveler.

FLYR’s AI powered ticketing optimization engine identifies fares that are likely to decrease and delays ticketing to the optimal time.

Optimized ticketing generates savings that can be shared between you and your corporate customers and gives the traveler the convenience of free changes and cancellations during the delay window.

How It Works

When the traveler books a flight, FLYR’s fare prediction engine identifes whether the booking will decrease in price and if so, delays ticketing to the optimal time.

Communication to Traveler

Email Notifications and Traveler Dashboard

  1. 1

    Clear notifications to traveler via email and website

  2. 2

    Explains fare optimizations and expectation of when traveler will receive ticketing confirmations

  3. 3

    All emails and websites are branded with your logo and can be customized to contain your contact information

Performance Metrics

The FLYR KPI dashboard provides valuable insights into your bookings, spend, and savings

January 01, 2016 — December 12, 2016

Flight Expenditure $7,200,423
Buy Wait Savings $346340 4.81%
Avg Booking Delay 2.9 Days
Avoided Change/ Cancellation Fees $25,016 215 Flights

Savings from Optimized Bookings

Total Savings

% FLYR Optimized Bookings


Jan 1, 2016 - Dec 31, 2016

70% Unoptimized bookings (6889)

30% FLYR optimized bookings (3233)