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A Purpose-Built Team

FLYR is an intentional team of industry and domain experts passionate about improving the practice of revenue management. Our purpose is the relentless application of advanced and intuitive technologies to help transportation leaders achieve their highest potential.


Our Company Values

Our crew — product, implementation, engineering, data science, operational, and commercial teams — are committed to building a culture that encourages teamwork, pride in ownership, data-driven decisions, and speed to delivery. We apply these values every day, across the organization and with our customers.

Navigate Together

Create a culture where everyone is welcome, achievements are celebrated together, and timing is everything.

Act as an Owner

Never settle for mediocrity or compromise integrity. Understand the big picture and recognize the impact of each contribution.

Communicate Fearlessly

Be present, offer constructive, timely feedback and ideas. Equip others with the information needed to succeed.

Embrace Intellectual Curiosity

Experiment, learn, and adjust. Make decisions with high conviction and let data lead the way. Fail fast, win faster.

Meet the Crew

We are a fast-growing, multi-disciplinary, and multi-national team of data scientists and engineers working towards one shared goal of transforming how airlines do business.

Alex Mans

Founder & CEO

Los Angeles, CA

Gene Drabkin

Chief Technology Officer

San Francisco, CA

Cole Wrightson

Chief Product Officer

San Francisco, CA
Betsy Campbell Barth VP of People Workplace Talent at FLYR Labs

Betsy Campbell Barth

VP of People, Talent & Workplace

San Francisco, CA

Matt Brown

VP of Growth

Chicago, IL

Robert Haun

VP of AI Delivery

Dallas, TX

Gabriel Underwood

VP of Engineering

San Francisco, CA

Andrei Checiches

General Manager EMEA

Kraków, Poland

Andrew Jing

VP, M&A and Investment Research

San Francisco, CA

Our investors

Revenue Management
Revenue analysis

Analysts Leverage Technology to Go Beyond Revenue Management

The Revenue Operating System® from FLYR automates forecasting and pricing decisions using rich, relevant, real-time data, enabling analysts to uncover revenue optimization opportunities across the airline business.

FLYR Updates
FLYR crew members collaborating

FLYR Crew Meets in Amsterdam to Prepare for Upcoming Rapid Growth

FLYR crew members from around the globe met in Amsterdam for their first ever in-person workshop and team building event.

In the News
View of plane taking off from inside airport

Why Context is Critical for (Ultra) Low-Cost Carriers to Remain Competitive

Airlines need to sell the right product to the right customer at the right time and price. And for low-cost carriers, the need is even greater.

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Delivering Value to FLYR’s Customers

Tiffany Sauquet joined FLYR because she saw a unique opportunity to join a fast-growing company delivering the most advanced revenue management technology on the market.


How Airlines Forecast Demand with FLYR and Google Cloud

Ksenia Khlyustina spoke with Architecting with Google Cloud host Mikhail Chrestkha about how FLYR is using machine learning to forecast demand, set prices, and optimize revenue with the help of Google Cloud Services.

FLYR Updates

Driving a Customer-First Growth Strategy

FLYR’s new Head of Corporate Development identifies business opportunities within the airline industry and in other transportation sectors.