Revenue Management is broken, fix it with FusionRM.

With the power of machine learning, the convenience of cloud computing, and enterprise-level scalability and security, you can now integrate data, gain insights, and drive revenue like never before

Real-time Insight

Search behavior and user demand are critical factors in understanding inventory management.

FusionRM can programmatically extract and forecast user demand information by OD-pair or even at the segment level, well beyond what is currently available to revenue analysts.

Not only can the system be used as an early warning to swiftly identify demand anomalies globally as they occur, FusionRM can also provide forecasts on future trends on a real-time basis

Stunning Elasticity Forecasts

In addition to real-time trend analysis, FusionRM looks at user behavior throughout the conversion funnel to produce a more intelligent way of measuring and tracking price elasticity,

Now your RM teams can build hyper-personalized price elasticity curves tailored to route, seasonality, and urgency trends. The end result? Continuously optimized pricing power.

Deep Trace Your Revenue Origins

Every modern airline has multiple sources of e-commerce traffic. While analysis of your own e-commerce site and apps are valuable to understanding your users, the additional complexities of referral traffic from meta-search engines or other external sources mostly obscure the complete view of a user’s sales journey.

FusionRM makes it possible to trace potential customers from beyond the boundaries of any single site, in order to gain powerful insights for each source of revenue-generating traffic.

Rule your competitive landscape with adaptive pricing feedback

Competitor pricing is of considerable importance to a full optimization of revenue management.

FusionRM is capable of refining your product pricing to account for competitors’ fares and their impact on user purchase behavior. This allows you to view the dollar value of your own offerings relative to those of competitors on any given route.

Data-enhanced ancillary offerings

Understanding traveler interactions with ancillaries provides insight that enables FLYR to establish dynamically priced or structured ancillary products — all of which directly impact your bottom line.

With FusionRM, you can optimize your offerings for seat lifetime revenue by taking into account both pre- and post-booking ancillary offerings before, at or after time of sale.

Integrates seamlessly into your network, strategy and processes

Whether your route network is a complex hub, point-to-point, or something in between, FusionRM has built-in tools and connectors that easily integrate into your organization’s RM team, their workflows, and their warehousing infrastructure, increasing productivity and effectiveness throughout.

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