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FLYR is the data science company that
ends the guessing game of booking airfares


Our Technology

Dealing with constantly changing airfares has previously meant uncertainty and hassle for travelers.
That all ends with FLYR.
While many can tell you what already happened, FLYR tells you what will happen. We forecast future fare volatility through complex data analysis, helping you build tools to extract signal from a world of noise.

  • Massive Databases

    Our models are based on billions of data points, continuously updated and back-tested daily

  • Machine Learning

    Adaptive price-forecasting algorithms with unparalleled flexibility, becoming smarter over time

  • Scalable Infrastructure

    Performance and memory-optimized service backbones, capable of near-instant data delivery


The FLYR Foresight API is the primary tool capable of tapping the full range of our predictive analytics, delivering hyper-relevant information down to the exact flight number. Our partners can leverage Foresight to dramatically improve existing services or craft completely new experiences.

Similar to a weather forecast, the Foresight API is able to report both the probabilities and magnitudes of these vital statistics, on a day-by-day forward basis.

  • 75%
  • 50%
  • 25%
  • 25%
    Prob. of Better Deals


FareBeacon is no ordinary fare alert. Built with the power of Foresight, it is the world's only alert that warns of fare changes to specific flights before they occur. FareBeacon enhances trust by conveying to travelers when and how to act on a fare — a powerful call to action that dramatically lifts conversions.

FareBeacon is a hosted solution that can be easily integrated into existing products, branded to resemble any existing design preference or layout.

$335 USD

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FLYR FareKeep is a revolutionary price protection product, based on live airfare volatility and availability. With FareKeep, travelers can lock in a fare, allowing them to avoid future fare hikes and take advantage of potential price drops — all while avoiding costly change fees and the need to immediately commit to a fare. Premiums are dynamically determined in real time, and benefit from the unprecedented accuracy of the Foresight engine.

  • $356
  • $337
  • $443
  • $297
  • $335
  • $443
  • $550
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Integrated Solutions

FLYR has developed an integrated flight search engine that fully incorporates Foresight predictions and FareBeacon alerts, and will soon offer FareKeep price protection. The entire suite of tools is customizable and fully brandable, and available to affiliate partners as an immediately deployable white-label solution.

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  • Enhanced Conversions

  • New Opportunities

  • Unparalleled Flexibility

By offering price predictions along the travel planning phase, partners can use relevant information to create user engagement and drive dramatically higher conversions.
Foresight-powered solutions augment existing products to reduce the period of indecision, ensure smoother trip planning, and create a more transparent travel ecosystem for travelers.